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These beach photography prints have a calming effect as Alexia Rousse captures their timeless beauty through a creative, picturesque lens. The colors are vibrant and contrasting, if not enthralling and their compositions are inviting to the admirer both up close or afar. Whether it is the first light of the morning, the last night of the evening or the stark darkness of midnight, these images capture the essence of the beach and their surroundings.
These beach photography wall art prints invoke a number of emotions as Alexia Rousse’s creative lens displays a diversity of colors and contrasts. From a lone lifeguard station on Miami Beach being greeted by dawn, and a pier basking in the glow of a beautiful sunset as it reaches out to the horizon, to the white sands of a beach facing a vibrant blue sky with clouds of questioning disposition, these acrylic prints capture the soul of what the beach represents.