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Alexia Rousse

Alexia Rousse is a fine art landscape and nature photographer based in Las Vegas, NV. From an early age she formed an admiration towards nature and spent most of her days outdoors exploring the wilderness. This passion only continued to grow throughout the years. Her love for our magical planet transcended into a love for photography and a mission to share its beauty and wonders with all of you. Alexia is known for creating stunning images of epic proportions. Her work can be found hanging in some of the most exquisite homes, elite restaurants and private businesses across the world.

The limited edition prints are collected worldwide, arrive with a certificate of authenticity and are each numbered and signed. Alexia’s art is meant to enhance your personal space, stimulate your visual senses and strengthen your connection with our natural world. All prints are produced with the highest quality acrylic found only in the finest galleries and museums across the globe. They also come ready to hang and to transform and complete your beautiful home. Each piece is a special moment in time, captured and preserved forever – for your personal enjoyment. After working with some of the world’s best landscape photographers over the past 11 years, Alexia Rousse is now making a name for herself as one of the top nature photography artists. She welcomes you to her gallery and is pleased to present you with her most recent work.


“Nature Photography is my greatest passion. It has brought so much peace, love and beauty into my life and I am grateful for each day I get to share my art with you”