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About The Artist

Alexia Rousse is a fine art landscape and nature photographer based in Las Vegas, NV. From an early age she formed an admiration towards nature and spent most of her days outdoors exploring the wilderness. This passion only continued to grow throughout the years. Her love for our magical planet transcended into a love for photography and a mission to share its beauty and wonders with all of you. Alexia is known for creating stunning images of epic proportions. Her work can be found hanging in some of the most exquisite homes, elite restaurants and private businesses across the world.


About The Process

At Alexia Rousse Fine Art Photography, every piece is made to order, handcrafted, and meticulously inspected to ensure superior quality, color brilliance, and shine that will last for years to come.

All artworks are printed on Fuji Flex, mounted on the highest quality acrylic, come in 4 or 6 standard sizes, and can be produced in any custom size by request. It takes about 2 weeks* to create a single piece of art.

With unbelievable resolution, clarity, vibrancy, and an incredible 3D image that appears backlit and holographic, our gallery-quality prints offer a clean and modern look that will enhance any private residence or business.

Each limited edition print is numbered, signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Our acrylic helps to minimize glare and reflections with its soft matte finish, giving a high-quality viewing experience at almost any angle. Its subtle textured finish creates a glare-free view while showing off the natural beauty of your artwork.

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Production of Alexia Rousse artwork may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to complete. This time frame is not guaranteed as production times are dependent on the size of each project or other orders that are ahead in queue.

Orders must be opened when received and reviewed within the first two weeks for any possible replacement. Alexia Rousse Fine Art cannot be responsible for third party applications added onto a print, mishandling, including results from extreme or unusual climate conditions.

As with any art, do not hang or display pieces neither in direct sunlight, nor in places subject to high heat or humidity.

Please store your Certificate of Authenticity in a safe and secure location.

If you feel there is a need for replacement, please notify us via e-mail at [email protected] or using the contact form on our website at alexiarousse.com The print and certificate must be returned together. All sales are final.

For more information on replacements, please visit the FAQ’s page.


The most important tip: It is recommended that your print be displayed in indirect lighting conditions and away from sunlight.

Use Caution whenever it is necessary to clean the surface of your Fine Art photograph. Dust the picture with a soft, high- quality microfiber cloth, applying only light pressure. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches.

Never use window cleaning sprays, chemicals or solvents such as acetone, ammonia, gasoline, or lacquer thinner to clean your image, as this may cause permanent damage to the artwork. The recommended cleaners have a glossing agent in them that helps reduce dust and fingerprinting. Strong cleaners will statically charge the Acrylic and attract dust and need more cleanings.

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